Understanding The Record-Setting Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Replica Watch UK

Phillips would be auctioning another Rolex Daytona owned and worn by Paul Newman. It’s a huge piece of news for the vintage collecting scene, and it’s a perfect fake watch that is well known to the community and has been in the care of Paul’s daughter, Clea, for many years. As one of two banner lots for Phillips’ December “Racing Pulse” sale, this non-Paul Newman Daytona that was owned by Paul Newman will be auctioned in support of several charities, and the estimate is said to be “in excess of one million dollars.”

Panda Dial Fake Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Watch

That figure may leave you scratching your head as the previous Newman-owned Daytona famously sold for more than $17 million – so what gives? For the inside story on Newman’s own PND, take a trip back to October of 2017 when that Rolex broke records in front of a packed house at Phillips. Following the sale, Cara wrote a fantastic and detailed look at what made that watch eight-figure special. With Clea’s Daytona coming up for sale in mid-December carrying an estimate that would suggest it won’t break any records, now is a great time to get up to speed on what made the 2017 sale so noteworthy.

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