Top 7 Replica Watches For Traveling

” What is a travel replica watches? Well, traditionally, a pocket watch was the original travel watch because it was designed to be portable. More recently, the travel watch has been a more ambiguous category of watches that serve travelers with a range of needs both functional and fashionable.

The Classic Sporty GMT: Replica Rolex GMT-Master II

While many timepieces is probably the gold standard in luxury GMT sport watches. Good looking, durable, and with a great history, few watches really capture the sheer versatility and functionality of this classic sports watch, as well as the depth of its appeal.

replica-rolex-gmt-master-blnr1On a basic level, the GMT second time zone hand offers the time elsewhere in a 24-hour format. That means you have the local time and a “reference time” to know (for example) what time it is back home. GMT sport watches like the Replica Rolex GMT-Master II are also fashionably versatile. Sure, it looks like a slightly different version of the Submariner dive watch, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. From a fashion perspective, there is little you can’t wear this watch with, and it should stand up to activity and abuse, as well as cleaning up nicely for dressier occasions. While it can’t do everything, you will be surprised at how much use you can get out of just one watch while traveling with a Rolex GMT-Master II or something similar to it.

Modern Analog Satellite Watch: Replica Seiko Astron Chronograph

How modern satellite-controlled electronic watches like the Seiko Astron will fare during the age of the smartwatch is unclear – but right now, there is nothing in the smartwatch camp that even comes close to the universal appeal (and application) for the Seiko Astron Chronograph. Perhaps the most important things to point out are, first, that the battery inside the Astron is charged by light, so you don’t really need to worry about a battery dying; and second, that the watch itself connects to satellites to update the current time and time zone on your watch automatically. Thus, you don’t need to worry about a dead battery in most instances, and you also don’t need to rely on a host device.

replica-Seiko-Astron-GPS-Solar-ChronographSeiko’s Astron Chronograph adds a chronograph complication which makes it very handy to time travel legs such as flights to predict travel times. Chronographs are actually really useful when traveling, so it isn’t a bad idea to look for travel Seiko replica watches that do have chronograph complications. Designed to have some dressy appeal, the Astron Chronograph doesn’t look like your typical nerdy gadget watch – which makes it even more attractive as a sole travel watch. Better yet, its real value of knowing the time anywhere via direct connection to GPS signals means it will shine the most when you are the furthest from civilization.

All-Purpose Professional’s Watch: Replica Rolex Day-Date 40

If all you really want is a prestigious business/professional top Rolex replica watches that doesn’t need specific travel functions, then a great place to begin is the Rolex Day-Date 40. On the negative side, this isn’t the most original choice in the world, and it will make you a target for crime in the wrong parts of the world. On the plus side, a watch like the Rolex “President” is universally known as a sign of success and in emergency situations can be traded for a lot of value.

Replica-Rolex-Day-Date-40-Caliber-3255While there is certainly a more “mature” slant to the design and fashionable appeal of the Replica Rolex Day-Date 40, it has been known to work with anything from a suit to most any business to classy casual attire. Use your phone and gadgets for all the more complicated information, and a Rolex Day-Date 40 or other all-purpose professionals’ watch as a solid choice for a sole travel watch if most of your travels takes you on paved roads and into climate controlled rooms.

Luxury Dive Watch On Rubber Strap: Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT

You might dismiss a luxury dive watch on a rubber or NATO-style strap as too casual or not totally appropriate for all travel situations. You’d be right. If you are traveling and expect to be in a suit most of the time, your sports watch on a colorful strap might not be a good idea. If, however, you are going on vacation or to a more tropical environment, this can be an excellent choice. Rubber straps really shine in tropical environments or any place where it is hot and you are likely to sweat. Maybe you’ll also end up taking this watch into the water or off the beaten path – which is something it is certainly designed for.


There is, honestly, a huge assortment of dive watches on rubber straps with good choices starting from just a few hundred dollars. Since we are talking about “ideal” choices, we might as also go with a luxury watch. The Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is at heart a solid dive watch with a sleek design and a range of versions. The Omega Planet Ocean GMT happens to also have a second time zone complication, making it an even better travel watch – but the GMT element is optional. The point here is to have a good looking sport watch designed to be comfortable in warmer environments that nevertheless communicates that the wearer has some taste and is perhaps a “watch guy.”

World Time Casual Business Watch With Prestigious Name Value: Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time

One particular subset of world time watches are those with “East” and “West” pushers that allow the time to be advanced or subtracted in one hour increments to make switching the time between various time zones simple and straight forward. One such family of watches that feature this complication are the various “Travel Time” watches by Patek Philippe. These all include the same movement even though they exist in various product families such as the Nautilus, Aquanaut, and also this Patek Philippe 5524 Calatrava Pilot model.

replica-patek-philippe-calatrava-travel-timeIn a 42mm-wide 18k white gold case, this is a deceptively ritzy pilot watch with a simple, demure attitude, but with the fake Patek Philippe watches name prestige many international travelers are looking for. Unlike a yellow or rose gold watch, the Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Time will call surprisingly little attention to itself, but in the right circles, people will know exactly what you are wearing. This is a good opportunity to have a convenient travel watch with a useful dual time zone complication, as well as being a serious luxury watch that really won’t command unwanted attention to the wearer. It can also work with business attire as well as it does with shorts.

Function-Filled Pilot Watch: Replica Zenith El Primero Doublematic

Pilot watches make excellent travel watches because, by nature, they are designed for traveling. Perhaps more specifically, for flying, but pilots clearly travel and have traditionally needed comfortable, legible watches that allow them to keep informed in various time zones. Pilot watches can be simple or very complicated – and the latter are actually quite rare. If you like the idea of having various features in a pilot watch that can be useful while on the road (or in the air), then a recent timepiece which exemplifies the appeal of a complicated pilot watch is the Zenith El Primero Doublematic.

Replica-Zenith-Pilot-Doublematic-watchLet’s be clear that timepieces such as this are rare. Zenith’s legendary “high beat” El Primero automatic movement serves as the base for a movement with a ton of complications – all of which are designed for travel. The Replica Zenith El Primero Doublematic has the time, world time disc for knowing the hour in any of the 24 time zones at a glance, a big date indicator, a 30 minute chronograph, and an alarm! All in a handsome 45mm-wide case with a dial that is both classy and respectably legible.

“Cleans Up Well” Chronograph GMT Sport Watch: Replica Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT

Without trying to be redundant, here is yet another flavor of high-function sport watch that lends itself well to picky travelers. The key here is a watch with a versatile personality that combines a chronograph complication along with a GMT hand for a second timezone. This is especially good for mechanical watch lovers who want a timepiece for travel with features that they will use on a regular basis.

Replica-Breitling-Chronomat-GMTI’ve personally traveled with a lot of chronograph GMT watches as my sole timepiece and rarely felt the need for more as long as that watch worked well on the plane, in the meetings, walking on foot around town, and at dinner. A timepiece that comes to mind which exemplifies this category well is the Replica Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT. At 44mm wide (with a series of dials and straps available), the Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT even has companion watches without the GMT hand as well as additional case sizes. That doesn’t even begin to mention the universe of other good chronograph GMT watches out there that could equally satisfy as a traveler’s timepiece.

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