The Replica Piaget Protocole XXL Micro-Mosaic

They don’t call it Swiss Replica Watches & Wonders for no reason. The third and final replica watch fair of the year, held in Honk Kong, has produced some of the finest and most exclusice timepieces. And the Replica Piaget Protocole XXL model (G0A40604) is one of them. Limited to only three pieces worlwide, it features a special micro-mosaic and shines a bright light on the creative department at Piaget.

Piaget-Protocole-XXL-Micro-Mosaic-WatchThe historical city of Samarkand, oft referred to as the “queen of the Earth,” is nestled on the plain of Zarafshan. The Protocole XXL Micro-Mosaic pays tribute its beautiful landscape, depicted inside an 18-carat red gold case by Cesare Bella, a renowned talian micro-mosaic specialist artist.

Piaget-Protocole-XXL-Micro-Mosaic-Watch-2015The transparent sapphire crystal reveals the Mythical Journey logo applied just under the case-back. Known as a pioneer in ultra-thin mechanics, Piaget continues pushing the boundaries. The new Protocole XXL Micro-Mosaic continues the tradition of the maison, as it is powered by the ultra-thin hand-wound mechanical movement, the in-house Manufacture Piaget 830P. The Piaget replica watches comes with approximately 60-hours of power reserve.

Piaget-Protocole-XXL-Micro-Mosaic-Watch-2015_2One can’t seem to get their eyes off this masterpiece of precision, where an impressive five thousand miniscule glass tesserae (small individual tiles) combine to recreate the blue skies of the city of Samarkand. Limited to only three pieces worldwide, the Protocole XXL Micro-Mosaic by Piaget replica watches store sits comfortably on the wrist thanks to a black alligator leather strap with white gold folding clasp, ideal for an elegant and cultured look.

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