Replica DIOR VIII Grand Bal Pièce Unique “Envol”

Equipped with the “Dior Inversé 11 1/2” calibre, the new Dior VIII Grand Bal “Envol” models present a new Dior replica watches face, making a strong graphic statement with real animated artworks recalling the spare modernist allure of the Haute Couture collections designed by Raf Simons.

GBPU-EnvolThe dial is covered with scarab beetle elytra marquetry whose iridescent reflections have fascinated humankind since Antiquity. Placed on top Rolex replica watches of the dial, the oscillating weight is also presented like a modern artwork, featuring mother-of-pearl, gold, lacquer and baguette-cut diamonds designed in a spiral motif.

GBPU-EnvolEach movement of the wrist sets off special light effects blending the sparkle of diamonds and white gold on the dial into one and the same hypnotic

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