Precious UK Rolex Cellini Prince White Gold Replica Watches With Transparent Caseback

We all know that Rolex won’t produce watches with see-through caseback nowadays, however, those distinctive Swiss fake watches were created before. The discontinued collection is Rolex Cellini Prince, which is also called Cellini Doctors. Why it was called Doctors? It has big relationship with the design of the movement. Created with two dials, hour hand and minute hand are set on the upper one, while the second hand dial is set below separately, which was convenient to the doctors and nurses to check and calculate the time. That is the reason why it was called doctors watch.


It is designed with two dials, which is unique and convenient to calculate the time.

Black And Silver Dials Fake Rolex

The size of the case is 45mm×29mm which is made from white gold. However, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether it is white gold or stainless steel. This is what the distinctive Rolex Cellini replica watches want exactly. The dial is designed with sun-brushed patterns, which is also used on the caseback. The classic Rolex crown logo is set on the upper dial, there aren’t too many decorations on each side, making the watch simple and gentle. The white gold clasp fitted on the strap looks shiny, of which the design will fit many people well.

The movement could be seen through the transparent case back.

Transparent Caseback Copy Rolex Cellini

Here comes the point of the watch. The craftsmanship of the Rolex movement can be seen directly without opening the caseback. We know that cases of Rolex couldn’t be opened except the watchmaker of Rolex with professional tools. Driven by a manual-winding square movement, which is the first movement that entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex, being certified by COSC, copy Rolex with black leather strap provides a power reserve of 72 hours. To be strangely, although the collectors speak highly of the Cellini, Rolex has suspended the production about it for its higher cost.

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