Introducing The New Sales Guidelines Of Swiss UK Rolex Replica Watches

In order to reinforce compliance sales and to avoid the inappropriate sale of luxury Rolex fake watches, Rolex has set several new policies.

The new measures Rolex set could be considered as the most strict sales policies of the brand.

Strict Sales Guidelines Of Popular Copy Rolex

1, Remove all protective stickers (case, bracelet, bezel and case back)

2, Adjust the bracelet to suit the customer’s wrist.

3, Fill out the guarantee card with the customer’s name and date of purchase. If a customer is unwilling to provide the information for privacy reasons, the guarantee card must be completed with“XXXX”, ensuring not to leave blank.

4, The ECU box shouldn’t be given to the end-customer in any circumstances.

In fact, the US Rolex had released the similar sales guidelines in April, however, the measures delivered this time were much stricter. “Value determines the price, supply and demand affect the price.” As a sophisticated timepiece, self-winding mechanical knockoff watches cannot increase production in a short period of time without strict production schedules, advanced equipment, and skilled assembly personnel.

All the protective stickers should be removed in the boutique when you buy the new Rolex.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea Replica With Black Ceramic Bezel

Facing the sudden surge in demand, Rolex’s original annual output of 800,000 is not fully able to meet the demand. Supply is less than demand, which will definitely lead to price increases in the secondary market. Especially for the new models and classic sports models of the year, the increase in the secondary market is even more shocking.

Through the new sales measures Rolex set, the condition will get better. If the stickers have been removed or the links of bracelets have been removed of the new watches, they couldn’t been regarded as new watches any more. So it couldn’t be sold with a higher price in secondary market.

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