Introducing The Development History Of UK Rolex Milgauss Professional Anti-Magnetic Fake Watches

The cheap copy Rolex Milgauss was too popular that it even became difficult to get one piece when it was released . The price was getting much higher than the official price at that time, from which you can conclude how popular the Milgauss was at that time. Now the price of common Milgauss returned to the official price, however, the antique model is worthy of collecting due to the few production.

Referring to the origin of Milgauss, it has close relationship with modern industrial electrification. From 1940s to 1950s, more and more scientists and technical workers even general population have been exposed under the magnetic environment, which includes the power plant, large factory, railway locomotive and so on. The traditional mechanical watches will be interfered under the magnetic field of 60-70 gauss. When it comes to 1000 gauss, the movement will entirely stop.

There's no graduations on outer ring of Rolex Milgauss Ref.6541.

Stainless Steel Case Copy Rolex Milgauss Ref.6541

In 1958, Rolex released a new Milgauss which can perform well in the magnetic field which is up to 1000 gauss. The earliest professional anti-magnetic Rolex replica watch with black dial Ref.6541 has been designed with sporty style.

The yellow hands and hour markers are not commonly seen on the modern Rolex models.

White Dials Fake Rolex Ref.1019

In 1962, the well-known Ref.1019 was launched. The imitation watch with stainless steel case was not popular at that time. It was created for professional use, so the general customers would not choose it, and it was designed with a big size which was not welcomed at that time too. After more than 20 years, Milgauss was suspended. Next time I will introduce the modern Milguass to you.

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