Introducing Four Iconic Features Of Antique Rolex Replica Watches UK

The Rolex tool watches were created in 1950s including Submariner, Explorer, GMT-Master, Milgauss and Air-King. These practical copy watches which were especially developed for professionals had become the classic luxury goods nowadays. The modern Rolex has maintained the modern aesthetic concept and manufactured with sturdier material. Compared with the modern models, the antique Rolex is quite distinctive in design and material. There are four unique features which will help you distinguish the vintage Rolex from modern models.

The antique Rolex GMT-Master has been equipped with the aluminum bezel.

Black Dial Rolex GMT-Master Ref.1675 Replica

Aluminum Bezel

The majority of modern sporty Rolex have been equipped with ceramic bezel however, the antique versions were with aluminum bezels which were easy to be scratched and fade, however, forming one of the symbolic features of antique Rolex.

Acrylic Glass

The modern Rolex have been assembled with sapphire crystal while the vintage Rolex were with acrylic glass which had its own unique characteristics although it is far less than sapphire in hardness and permeability. See the Rolex Submariner fake watch with steel case with acrylic glass which sports a distinctive look of vintage and nostalgic style.

The hour markers haven't been set with the holders, forming a unique style of the dial.

Automatic Movement Knockoff Rolex

The Lugs

This is not an obvious feature. Majority of antique Rolex models have the holes on the end of the lugs while the modern ones have set the holes at the inside of the lugs. It is easier to exchange the straps with the holes but why did Rolex cancel such a design?

The Hour Markers

The hour markers of modern Rolex have always been set with the gold holders while the antique models are different. The Tritium-luminescent material on the dial turned yellow by chemical action with oxygen, making the precious Rolex imitation watches more charming.

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