Hirwill 01 Rubber Strap Organic Vegetable Tanning Movement Replica Watches UK

New Sweden watch brand

Hirwill is a recently started micro watch brand from Sweden. Their first collection, the Hirwill 01, is inspired by vintage measurement tools and has launched on Kickstarter as of September 26th, 2017. “We wanted to create a watch that had a vintage look but with a modern feel. Our main inspirational source comes from barometers and opisometers, both used frequently by fishermen and other seafarers back in the day. Barometers are well known to most, but the history and invention was more vivid than we first expected.”

The Hirwill 01 replica watches UK have a cylinder-shaped case, with distinct and sharp geometrical lines and edges. The PVD gold coating provides a brushed brass-like look. The uniquely designed case is made of 316 stainless steel. It will be produced both with and without PVD gold coating (titanium nitride + gold). The case measures 38mm in diameter and 47mm lug to lug. A convex screw-in caseback seals the back of watch. The crown consists of a three part construction with an embossed logo in the shape of the Hirwill bird. The dial is enhanced with black print on white enamel, all shielded by a domed sapphire crystal. A Miyota 2305 quartz movement powers the watch and the time is indicated with diamond cut black hands done in a vintage style.

Hirwill 01 replica watches UK.

organic vegetable tanning

“We are of very fond of mechanical movements, both hand-wound and automatic Hirwill 01 fake watches. To us, they can be pure art. For this collection we chose to go with a well known quartz movement, the Miyota 2305. This gives precise timekeeping and no need for extra maintenance. With the history of Japanese watchmaking in mind, we are certain we have made a good choice.” The Hirwill watch is delivered with a strap either of stainless steel mesh or of leather from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden. Tärnsjö Garveri is one of the few remaining tannery houses that still use the traditional method of organic vegetable tanning instead of the more cost effective chrome excel method. Instead of using harmful chemicals, the needed acidity is retrieved from tree bark.

The first barometer is credited to Evangelista Torricelli, a student and friend of Galileo Galilei, back in the year 1643. Early experiments had been performed, where a closed tube with water was half immersed in a larger water container. The bottom of the pipe was then opened, enabling the water to leave the tube by the aid of gravity. Strangely enough, the water still stayed in the tube. But, empty space had appeared in the top – vacuum. Torricelli came to the conclusion that it was the pressure of the atmosphere that kept the water in the tube. The size of the vacuum depended on the fluctuating surrounding atmospheric pressure. This revelation was what lead to the barometer. He continued experimenting, although often in secret to avoid malicious rumors of witchcraft.

Hirwill 01 gold case fake watches UK.

In the 1870s, Robert Fitzroy, perhaps most famous for being the captain of “the Beagle” on Darwin’s famous voyage, became skilled at using barometers to predict the weather and was the first to publish weather forecasts. His charts and barometers were used in each harbor to predict and prevent ships from going out to sea in bad conditions, saving countless lives in the process. The aneroid barometer (how most people recognize the barometer) was invented by a french scientist named Lucien Vidi. The pressure is measured mechanically with a flexible metal capsule and displayed with a dial and a pointer. These are often found in wooden boats, in combination with a brass wall clock.

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