Comparing UK Steel Replica Rolex Prices at Retail to Prices on the Secondary Market

It is no secret that many watches within fake Rolex’s steel range can be difficult to come by at retail prices. With wait lists stretching for weeks to months to even years, depending on the dealer and the model reference, many collectors are now turning to watch resellers and the grey market to cut their wait time significantly.
Naturally, working through these channels in search of in-demand timepieces comes both at premium and with increased risk. Price hikes of 20, 30, 50, even 100 percent are common for many models, and the presence of, shall we say, less-than-authentic luxury copy watches continues to sow distrust within the online market especially.

Buying a watch online is hard enough, so we wrote a guide earlier this year to help you navigate that terrain. Today we will be comparing the lowest list price of in-production steel Rolexes to their current lowest asking prices on Chrono24 — a popular watch reselling platform — and WatchBox, a reputable, resell-focused dealer — to give you a sense of the common going prices of popular models. We organized the list in order from the lowest to the highest percentage change in price from retail to resell.
Rolex Datejust (-4.2% to +19.88% and Above)

Kicking off our list is the widely beloved stainless steel case fake Rolex Datejust. Datejusts these days encompass a large swath of reference numbers, styles, colors, and sizes, so we focused on four: the Datejust 36 with a domed bezel (Ref. 126200), the 36 with a fluted bezel (Ref. 126234), the 41 with a domed bezel (Ref. 126300), and the 41 with a fluted bezel (Ref. 126334).

The Datejust 36 with domed bezel was the closest-to-retail steel bracelet replica Rolex we could find, with the lowest asking price standing at $6,754 on Chrono24, down 4.2% from the retail price of $7,050; WatchBox at the time of writing was sold out of this reference.
Up next was the Datejust 41 with fluted bezel, which was marked by a Chrono24 seller at $9,499 and by WatchBox at $10,450, down 1.56% and up 8.29%, respectively, from the $9,650 retail price.

The 36 mm replica Rolex Datejust with fluted bezel was marked by Chrono24 at $8,714 and WatchBox at $9,950, up 4.99% and 19.88% from the list price of $8,300.

Finally, we looked at the Datejust 41 with domed bezel, which was listed by Chrono24 at $8,370 and by WatchBox at $8,750, up 9.41% and 14.38% from the retail listing of $7,650.

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