2016 Latest Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar Fake Watches

Some of us had been wondering in what direction nice Omega replica watches uk would take the Globemaster, following its launch at Baselworld 2015: it seemed like a pretty safe bet that some sort of complications would appear sooner or later, but in what form? Personally I still have my money on a Globemaster worldtimer cropping up, firstly because the name is such a gimme, and secondly because I’m intrigued by the idea of a pie-pan dial surrounded by a cities ring.

But that’s by-the-by, because what we have here is something different, and certainly unexpected: the Globemaster Annual Calendar. Omega has taken some interesting stylistic decisions here – and actually, the end result totally works for the brand, for reasons we’ll come back to shortly – but what’s immediately interesting to note is the growing popularity of the complication. Invented a mere 20 years ago by Patek Philippe, the last couple of years has seen IWC, Montblanc, Tiffany and Ochs Und Junior, among others, introduce annual calendars for the first time; Cartier also heavily redesigned (and significantly improved) its Rotonde Annual Cal.

Replica_Omega_Globemaster_1Firstly, however, let’s talk about the movement. It may not immediately jump to mind that Omega has had an annual calendar caliber on the books for a while now, powering a discontinued Seamaster Aqua Terra Annual Calendar and the current De Ville Co-Axial Hour Vision Annual Calendar. That uses Calibre 8601, a twin-barrel, 55-hour power reserve with instantaneous date jumping on month and date windows.

The Globemaster uses a new, Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement, Calibre 8922, which has at least one very obvious difference from 8601 that brings us back to the Globemaster’s main stylistic flourish. Instead of a month window, the Globemaster Annual Calendar uses a fourth central hand to indicate the month, with the months written out in a florid cursive script between each hour index. This will draw comparisons with the approach taken by H. Moser & Cie on the Endeavour Perpetual – making logical use of the match up between 12 hours and a day and 12 months in a year.

Replica_Omega_Globemaster_2At six o’clock the latest Omega Globemaster fake watches keeps the same date window as we’re used to from the time-only watch, and there’s no day of the week indicator. The month hand is a slightly lighter shade of blue than that of the hours, minutes and seconds – to match the dial text. Of which there is quite a lot: five lines of text plus all those months may seem to some like a bit much – although the Globemaster certainly has space for it.

It’s rather eccentric isn’t it?  But that, one should always remember, is very much part of what makes Omega Omega. For all that its reputation is built mainly upon conservative sports watches like the Speedmaster and Seamaster, Omega is the brand of Bullheads and Ploprofs; of the “Darth Vader” Seamaster, the Dynamic and all manner of oddball Constellations. In fact, its history is littered with weirdly wonderful designs, and we’re filing the Globemaster Annual Calendar under that proud tradition. One doubts Omega is basing its future growth plans on this watch; but it has a retro, off-beat charm, and we’re glad it’s around.


Omega Replica Globemaster watches

The watch has been enlarged from 39mm to 41mm to accommodate the annual calendar (which makes us think there are likely to be some underlying similarities between calibres 8601 and 8922 as the De Ville is also 41mm wide, although Omega hasn’t released full specs for Calibre 8892 yet).

As with all other Globemasters, the Globemaster Annual Calendar is certified by METAS as a Master Chronometer: Omega is gradually rolling this out across its entire offering. The best copy watches uk is cased in steel, with a tungsten carbide fluted bezel.


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